Safegroup’s summer garden

12-07-2016 |

Summer is coming, all the more reason for the Dutch Philanthropy team to give the garden of the Safegroup shelter in Breda a sunny make-over. Together with the volunteers, women and children of the safe house, they created a playful sand box area, placed new plants and pulled the weeds. On top of that Driscoll’s donated garden tools to keep the backyard beautiful in all seasons.

Last year Driscoll’s employees worked hard to build a ‘dream garden’, funded by the money that was raised during the Singelloop running event. Their purpose was to create a joyful environment for the victims of domestic violence. Nancy Frerichs of the Safegroup: “The women and children love the backyard as it gives them a safe place to relax. We are very thankful that Driscoll’s helps us to prepare for summer season.”