Quality & Food Safety

‘Work with passion and you automatically learn to love Driscoll’s’

Our goal at the Quality Control department is to thoroughly check the berries so customers receive a high quality product every single day. There is a large amount of aspects that can cause defects in the fruit, such as care and handling, temperature fluctuations and weather circumstances. In fact, the quality of the product can change from day to day. Several teams are monitoring the consistency of the fruit in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

My task is to manage all the teams and make sure they work with the same standards. When there is an issue we immediately take action and for example contact the grower or transporter to make sure the quality of the berries can be improved the next day. When I started at Driscoll’s in 2007 I did not have a background in  berries, berries were just a fruit to me. However, that changed rapidly when I discovered how beautiful the product is. Berries are tasteful and can be prepared in countless ways. What differentiates Driscoll’s from others is its ability to deliver daily fresh fruit all year round. When I see a perfect package of strawberries, with a nice colour and delicious taste, I am happy because the grower and Quality Control accomplished a great result; to deliver a product that is in the best condition possible.

To new employees I would like to say: work with passion and you automatically learn to appreciate and love Driscoll’s.