As our production expands, our responsibility increases for the areas where we are producing. Therefore, Driscoll’s has started up some projects in order to be more aware.

Issues we are currently focusing on:

• Packaging: we are always seeking for ways to reduce the amount of packaging that we use and to use more sustainable materials. This goes from maximizing the percentage of RPET (plastic that has been recycled) packaging to increasing the number of punnets per box.

• Carbon footprint*: we keep working on our berry footprint, by trying to achieve reductions through our choice of production and by making our transport lines as direct and short as possible.

• Labour standards: we are at all times concentrating on the compliance of our global labour principles, so all employees engaged in producing our berries can work in a safe and efficient working environment.

As we are working with different locations, this gives us the opportunity to focus on different projects each time. We have worked with local university students to help us create our carbon footprint analysis and to increase the usage of natural plant protection. Other projects concern water usage and field plastics, amongst others. With all our projects and efforts we also hope to inspire our direct environment to take action and initiatives.

The total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organisation, event, product or person.