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About the vacancy

The Nursery Services team manages the supply of soft fruit plants to Driscoll’s growers in DEMEA, including demand planning, inventory management, order processing, transportation, export, and customer service. The plant supply coordinator is responsible for ensuring timely delivery of orders and monitoring delivery progress, resolving any issues that arise. Administrative transactions must also be executed accurately and on time. Key result areas for this position include QUOTIF performance, grower satisfaction, and process efficiency. Strong communication and attention to detail are essential for success in this role. The plant supply coordinator works closely with other teams such as Production Planning, Nurseries, Growers, and Growers Services. This role is critical for ensuring that growers receive high-quality plants on time and with minimal issues, leading to a positive customer experience.


  • Provide excellent customer service: You will be responsible for providing exceptional customer service to growers and internal customers by ensuring that their needs are met and their questions are answered promptly.
  • Manage grower orders: You will oversee the status of grower orders and take all necessary actions to ensure that the orders are delivered on time and in the agreed-upon quantity.
  • Implement nursery strategic initiatives: You will support the nursery service manager in implementing action plans for the nursery’s strategic initiatives.
  • Coordinate delivery order intake: You will coordinate the intake and registration of delivery orders in applicable systems in line with supply and demand planning and available plant inventory. You will also detect and resolve any issues that arise.
  • Coordinate dispatch: You will coordinate dispatch with growers, grower services teams, production planning team, nurseries, and logistics partners.
  • ·Handle paperwork: You will collect, create, and check shipment paperwork, and distribute it to relevant stakeholders.
  • Obtain permits and inspect plants: You will obtain import and export permits and initiate relevant plant inspections with nurseries in line with requirements set in the permits. You will also closely monitor border and clearance processes and address and resolve any issues that arise.
  • Provide order status information: You will provide relevant order status information with regards to plant orders to growers and local Driscoll’s grower services teams.
  • Ensure timely invoicing: You will ensure that delivered plants are invoiced in a timely manner against the set conditions and pricing.
  • Perform administrative tasks: You will conduct all administrative tasks associated with these responsibilities and keep the relevant systems updated. You will also address any issues and suggest resolutions to resolve and mitigate these issues.
  • ·Ensure quality and timelines: You will ensure that internal and external partners execute their services against the service and quality levels and timelines set and address and resolve any issues that arise on a structural basis.
  • Interact with partners: You will interact with internal and external partners such as Plant Supply colleagues, Grower Services team, supply-chain team, Finance team, Growers, Nurseries, Logistics Services Providers, and Agents to retrieve and provide relevant information regarding plant delivery orders.
  • Follow administrative processes: You will follow administrative processes adequately and keep systems adequately updated. You will also address any issues and suggest resolutions to resolve and mitigate these issues.
  • Support projects: You will provide input and support to projects deployed with the department, mainly focused on improving service and increasing efficiency in the administrative processes.
  • Perform other tasks: You will perform any other tasks requested by management within the scope of responsibility of the post holder.

Candidate profile

Education & training

  • A Secondary/vocational (MBO) degree in Supply Chain, Logistics, Business Administration or similar provides foundational knowledge and practical skills for managing supply chains and logistics operations, leading to entry-level positions or further education and career advancement.


  • Min. 5 years relevant experience in the Food / perishables / fruit or vegetable industry
  • Experience working in an international and dynamic environment
  • Experience with import and export of goods and customs formalities

Skills & behaviors

  •  Well-developed customer service skills and a customer focused mindset.
  • Good communication & negotiation skills
  • Problem solving attitude (ad hoc and structural)
  • Flexible mindset, ability to act in an environment with a lot of change. 
  • Successfully co-operate in multidisciplinary and international teams
  • Demonstrates high level of accuracy in execution of tasks
  • Skilled in using Microsoft office applications Word and Excel
  • Skilled in working in and ERP system, preferably Microsoft Dynamics or Oracle
  • Advanced level of English, ability to communicate in Spanish, Portuguese and or French is a big advantage

Leadership Competencies:

  • Strategic Mindset: Looks toward the future and designs a way to get there.
  • Cultivates Innovation: Finds, champions, and implements innovations; large or small.
  • Plans & Aligns: Establishes priorities and desired outcomes and creates plans to achieve them.
  • Drives Results: Pursues everything with energy, resourcefulness, and the need to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Collaborates: Works with a variety of colleagues, inside and/or outside of Driscoll’s, seeking win-wins solutions.
  • Drives Engagement: Creates a motivating work environment and empowers others.
  • Develops Talent: Actively seeks opportunities to develop one’s self and others.
  • Courage: Tackles difficult issues timely with optimism and transparency.

We offer

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