Production Manager Iberia

About the vacancy

Responsible of the production and production development in the Iberia region according to the DEMEA strategy. Create the conditions to have a strong grower network and ensure the growth of the business.

This position will lead the Agronomy and the QA field Iberia teams.


You will have the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Manage the Agronomy and QA field teams in Iberia, setting organizational priorities and allocation resources as well as deliverables for both teams (volumes/Ha, yield, treatments, preventive measures, grower P&L)
  • Contribute for the implementation and execution of the Iberia functional plan
  • Responsible for the implementation and execution of the Production Plan for the next 5 Years in the Iberia region, guarantee the necessary volume and quality of the fruit as defined in the IBP planning
  • Together with grower services and business development and coordinated by OPS manager Iberia; Responsible for the development of the grower base, improve grower commitment and stability, ensure  best practices are implemented and the improvement of the grower processes. Pro-actively make proposals to improve grower profitability by reducing complexity and achieving greater efficiency
  • Ensure the implementation of the new genetics and new production systems in the Iberia region in order to optimize the genetic potential of our varieties, coordinating and working closely with long term planning, AR and R&D. Actively participate in LVS, DVS and LCT, and other regional and global forums, in order to have Iberia execute and deliver on the DEMEA Strategic Plan. Secure close follow up of our genetic pipeline to identify and expand our variety pipeline.
  • In close coordination with the Fruit Quality Coordinator of Iberia, and when needed with QA Compliance for Iberia, identify key risk factors affecting fruit quality from field, through the harvest process and into the coolers. Secure that adequate processes are identified and implemented in a consistent and thorough manner, assisting in the implementation of changes to QA Standards as required by the Fruit Quality Coordinator of Iberia. In close coordination with DEMEA’s Postharvest specialist, train growers on postharvest aspects and management, that impact fruit behavior from field to fork.  
  • Based on the needs of the Strategic Plan, and on a thorough analysis of risk factors that can impact the viability of the production regions in Iberia, work in very close coordination with Iberia’s Business Development Manager to identify new production regions, with clear structural long term characteristics (environmental conditions, surface area that allows for proper economic scale, labor availability, etc).
  • Strong connection with the Grower Services to align the plant requirements
  • Daily connection with the Forecast Team for validation and understanding extra support needed in the field.  
  • Contribute for a network in the regional industry, in coordination with OPS manager Iberia, participation in national/international forums and associations (focusing in PT) understanding industry challenges, representing Driscolls and actively contributing to sustainability of the business mid/long term.  
  • Any other task assigned by management, which is considered to be within the scope of the post holder
  • Supporting OPS manager Iberia in managing Portuguese authorities and represent Driscolls in the region.
  • Together with OPS manager Iberia, support Portuguese team locally and contribute to build a solid Iberian structure.

In addition to the functional responsibilities of the role, as a Driscoll’s people manager, you will accomplish work individually and through others while delivering on functional accountabilities connected to the employee lifecycle, including:

  • Workforce Planning: Aligning the people plan to the business plan
  • Hiring: Identify hiring needs, set clear expectations to Hiring manager evaluate & select the adequate new team members
  • Onboarding: Integrating new employees into the organization
  • Managing: Organize and coordinate activities of a team in order to achieve defined strategic objectives
  • Development: Partnering with your employees to create a plan to grow in their existing or potential future roles
  • Employee Safety: Ensure both physical and psychological safety in the workplace
  • Off-boarding: Ending an employment relationship.

Candidate profile

Education & training

  • Degree in Agronomy or similar;
  • Economic/financial competences can also a point to be considered for this position, if necessary. 


  • Min. 5 years’ experience in the Agribusiness in an area manager position;
  • Preferable working in an international dynamic environment.

Skills & behaviors

  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Excellent organization skills;
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft office, expert level in Excel;
  • Advanced level of English;
  • Advance level of Spanish;
  • Strong problem solving skills;
  • Analytical skills;
  • Pro-active attitude;
  • Focus and prioritization.


  • Strategic;
  • Mindset;                                                       
  • Cultivates innovation;
  • Plans & Aligns;
  • Drives results;
  • Collaborates;
  • Drives engagement;
  • Develops talent;
  • Courage.


  • Travel requirements (30% of the time);
  • European driver’s license;
  • Occasional weekend and evening shifts are part of the position;
  • Preferably residence near Boavista dos Pinheiros (Portugal).

We offer

Alongside a competitive salary and benefits package, we offer you the opportunity to contribute to the growth of our experienced and ambitious organisation. Our success as a company depends on a creating an enabling environment where our people are energized, motivated, and empowered to perform at their highest level.

About Driscoll’s

Driscoll’s is the global market leader for fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. With more than 100 years of farming heritage and hundreds of independent growers around the world, Driscoll’s is passionate about growing fresh, beautiful and delicious berries. Our values of passion, humility, and trustworthiness have guided our mission to delight consumers around the world.

Driscoll’s exclusive patented berry varieties are developed through years of research using only natural breeding methods – meaning, no GMOs. From farm-to-table, we focus on delivering a high quality, premium berry experience with our many supply chain partners. Driscoll’s is the trusted brand for Only the Finest Berries ™

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