Nursery Strategic PLanner and Analyst

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About the vacancy

As a key collaborator in the Nursery Services teams who manages the supply of soft fruit plants to Driscoll’s growers in DEMEA. The nursery strategic planner & analyst’s main goal is to provide insight and analysis of key nursery metrics and advise stakeholders on achieving business targets and mitigating risks. The key result areas for the position include assessing fruit production potential, managing risks, understanding nursery economics, monitoring financial performance, developing capacity plans, managing supply chain, conducting data analysis and modeling, communicating with stakeholders, and identifying opportunities for improvement. The analyst must have a deep understanding of the nursery industry and be skilled in data analysis and modeling, as well as communicating complex information to stakeholders. They must work closely with growers, nurseries, and other stakeholders to gather information and build relationships that support Driscoll’s goals. The position requires knowledge of supply and demand dynamics, grower behavior, and financial metrics. The analyst must be able to make informed decisions about the allocation of plant material and the development of new business opportunities. The Nursery Services team plays a critical role in managing the supply of soft fruit plants and driving business performance.


    1. Nursery Budget Management:

  • Manage the annual nursery budget and provide regular forecasts on financials: The individual in this role would be to support nursery management team that the nursery stays within the allocated budget while also providing regular forecasts to help the business plan accordingly.
  • Calculate costs and sales prices for the department budget and set plant pricing based on expected production costs and overhead: The person in this role would need to have a good understanding of the nursery’s costs and overheads to calculate the costs and sales prices of the plants.
  • Monitor financial propagation performance, including material consumption, yield, multiplication rates, and timing, and provide recommendations for improvements and plant variety portfolio: This involves analyzing the financial performance of the nursery and identifying areas for improvement in terms of material consumption, yield, multiplication rates, and timing. Additionally, this role may involve recommending changes to the plant variety portfolio to optimize financial performance.

2. Long-term Nursery Planning:

  • Prepare and lead the long-term nursery planning process in alignment with the Integrated Business Plan: This involves developing and implementing a long-term nursery plan that aligns with the Integrated Business Plan, which is a strategic roadmap for the business.
  • Lead all grower commitment activities, including follow-up, reporting, and business cases: The person in this role would need to work closely with grower operations and ensure that they are meeting their commitments. This includes following up on their progress, reporting on their activities, and developing business cases where necessary.
  • Manage plant write-off exposure and risks: This involves identifying potential risks that could result in plant write-offs and developing strategies to mitigate those risks.

3. Stakeholder Management:

  • Collaborate frequently with key stakeholders such as growers, nurseries, nursery department, grower operations, finance & control, product leadership, and integrated business planning to analyze nursery business challenges and set corrective action plans: This involves working closely with all stakeholders to identify any challenges faced by the nursery and developing corrective action plans to address them.
  • Create and manage executive reporting for the Nursery BU, including financial results, QUOTIF, Woff & claims situation: This involves developing and managing executive reports that summarize the financial results of the Nursery BU, as well as other key metrics such as QUOTIF (quantity on time in full), Woff (write-offs), and claims.

4. Grower Commitment Management:

  • Measure grower commitment, review with relevant stakeholders, initiate improvement actions, and measure results: This involves measuring the level of commitment from growers and working with them to improve their commitment levels where necessary. The person in this role would need to work closely with all stakeholders to ensure that the required improvements are made and measure the results.
  • Replace Nursery Services Manager during absence and leave: This involves taking on the responsibilities of the Nursery Services Manager when they are absent or on leave.

5. Improvement Initiative Implementation:

  • Lead and support the implementation of improvement initiatives: This involves leading and supporting the implementation of improvement initiatives aimed at improving the service and overall performance of the nursery department.
  • Participate as a subject matter expert in the implementation of a global ERP solution: This involves participating as a subject matter expert in the implementation of a global ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution, which is a software system designed to manage and integrate business processes.
  • Participate and lead other relevant projects within the nursery and cross-functional teams: This involves participating in and leading other relevant projects within the nursery and cross-functional teams, such as process improvement initiatives or product development projects.

Candidate profile

Education & training

  • Minimum bachelor’s degree preferably in business administration, finance & accounting, or supply chain management.
  • Relevant functional certifications or training in the field of Manufacturing, Business Planning and Finance & Accounting
  • Relevant functional certifications or training in Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Relevant functional certifications or training in Communication & Negotiation


  • Min.  5+ years of experience in a similar role and/or
  • Experience in (long term) business planning
  • Experience with budget control, cost, and cost price calculations
  • Experience in working in an international and dynamic environment.
  • Experience of working in Projects and Continuous Improvement, some experience in project management.

Skills & behaviors

  • Excellent communication & presentation skills
  • Excellent planning & analytical skills
  • Advanced level in MS Excel, MS Access and/or other data analyses tools
  • Advanced level of English
  • Pro-active & self-starting attitude
  • Drive for continuous improvement 

Leadership Competencies:

  • Strategic Mindset: Looks toward the future and designs a way to get there.
  • Cultivates Innovation: Finds, champions, and implements innovations; large or small.
  • Plans & Aligns: Establishes priorities and desired outcomes and creates plans to achieve them.
  • Drives Results: Pursues everything with energy, resourcefulness, and the need to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Collaborates: Works with a variety of colleagues, inside and/or outside of Driscoll’s, seeking win-wins solutions.
  • Drives Engagement: Creates a motivating work environment and empowers others.
  • Develops Talent: Actively seeks opportunities to develop one’s self and others.
  • Courage: Tackles difficult issues timely with optimism and transparency.


  • International travel (10-20% of total time) is required.
  • Ability to grow in a managerial position. 

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