Plan & Deliver

‘Everybody has the possibility to contribute something to the development of the company’

To me Driscoll’s has been a great place to start my career. In 2011 I began as a trainee for the Planning and Delivery department after my brother told me about this opportunity. I was studying Logistics and Economics in the Dutch city of Breda, a study that I chose because I have always had an interest in economics. During my first week at Driscoll’s, I immediately noticed that Driscoll’s has so much potential.

The company is young and growing rapidly and everybody has the possibility to contribute something to the organisation. As a trainee I did research on the cool chain process and together with my colleagues I developed a new and more efficient system. I am proud that this system is still used by the Driscoll’s Planning and Delivery department. After my internship of four months I continued on at the company. At first I worked part-time and after my studies I started working full time. The Planning and Delivery department is the connection between supply and demand.

Our job is to exactly know how much fruit is coming in, so we can allocate it to our customers. I enjoy the fact that it is a fast paced business. You have to make decisions quickly because the fresh products have a fragile shelf life. The best part of my job is probably the interaction with colleagues all around the world. The daily international character of my work makes it a nice and challenging experience.