‘Every day is exciting as I am constantly learning new things’

If I have to describe my job in three words, it would be: dynamic, challenging and fun. Every day is exciting and I am constantly learning new things. When I first began at Driscoll’s in 2011 I did not have any Human Resources (HR) experience. My first job within the company was actually in the Sales department, were I supported the sales team. While in that function I worked a lot with orders and administration when I am actually more of a people person. Luckily, in 2013 there was a job opening within the HR department of Driscoll’s which I felt was more suited to me. After I applied and had an interview with my manager I was able to change roles and departments.

Within the first week I knew right away that it is was the right decision. In my new role I support the HR activities within EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region, such as onboarding new colleagues, coordinate trainings and work on several projects. I am very thankful that Driscoll’s gave me this opportunity. It is really a wonderful feeling when you have the freedom to take steps in your career and can do that with the support of your manager.

The Driscoll’s team is young and ambitious, the atmosphere in the office will welcome you right away. For people that would like to apply here, I advise them to work hard and be passionate about your job. Within Driscoll’s there are many opportunities for you in the future.