Office Support

‘The versatility in my work pushes me to achieve more and to continually aim for the next level’

Exciting, that is the best description of my job within Driscoll’s. In the Office Support department everything can change constantly, so you have to adapt to new situations and make sure everything is perfectly organised. This dynamic atmosphere and the international environment of the company are really enjoyable. I assist five Management Team members with all kind of tasks as well as taking care of their agenda, business travel and other ad hoc office activities.

My challenge is to be more than just an assistant; I like to be a sparring partner for the managers I work with. Being flexible, responsible and structured are the main characteristics that are important for my job. When you like to be a part of the Driscoll’s team, you need to have the drive to work hard and learn a lot of things. Before I started with my job in 2013, I studied Office Management and worked for a pharmaceutical company, something totally different than this type of industry.

What I like about Driscoll’s are the three values: passion, humility and trustworthiness. Driscoll’s is not just a commercial organisation, it is a company that believes in sharing knowledge and doing things for the community with special philanthropy projects. The positive vibe among colleagues inspires me. Together with the versatility of my work it pushes me to achieve more and to consistently reach the next level in my job.