Finance & IT

I see my job at Driscoll’s as a continuous journey, therefore I never get bored’

I see my job at Driscoll’s as a journey; because the company expands continually, I never get bored. I believe when you are capable of keeping up with the growth, it is a unique opportunity to work here. What I like most about the company is the team of people, there is really a family feeling among colleagues. It is nice to see that everybody is personable but still professional in their work. IT reaches everybody in the company, which is why I have contact with every department.

One of my tasks is to coordinate the IT support in all of EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and develop a strong internal IT department. I translate business questions in to IT solutions that are understandable for everybody. A good IT specialist can make a connection between the technical part and the user side. Sometimes it can be hard to reach all employees; from the office to field, in each region and location.

It is a nice challenge to develop the entire IT system in this way even further. I remember when I was younger I was busy with computers in my spare time. At eight years old I got my first computer and many years later I graduated in Business Computer Science. For me the pressure of time and commercial growth are important to be creative and innovative in my work. When I work under pressure I perform at my best.